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La Junta Directiva de JCADA es una cohorte de individuos excepcionales y dedicados que guían a la organización en asuntos de dirección estratégica, inversión e impacto.



Job Summary
The Paralegal oversees the intake of legal referrals and supports the provision of legal services and resources to survivors of intimate partner violence. The Paralegal tracks new referrals from internal and external sources, assigns appropriate follow-up steps to legal team members, and monitors progress to ensure all client needs are met. They regularly meet with clients as the first point of contact on the legal team to determine client needs. The Paralegal provides case support to JCADA attorneys in protective order and crime victims’ rights representations. The Paralegal also provides administrative support to the legal team to promote efficient and wellfunctioning internal processes. The Paralegal reports to the legal directors. 

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To submit your application, email the point of contact listed in the position description with the following information: 

  • Job Title as Subject Line

  • Cover Letter

  • Two References

  • Attached Resume (.PDF or .DOC)


Equal Opportunity Employer

JCADA has an institutional commitment to the principle of diversity. In that spirit, we welcome applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, religion, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national origin. 

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