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JCADA offers adult education programs for the Jewish community. In addition to JCADA's Becoming a Trusted Adult program designed for anyone who works with Jewish youth, JCADA offers custom programming to synagogue groups, Jewish organizations, colleges, camp and youth group staff, and more. Fill out the inquiry form below to request an adult education program! 


For anyone who works with teens.

When teens learn about dating violence, they often hear "talk to a trusted adult." At JCADA, we understand the importance of teaching adults how to be safe, supportive, and informed when it comes to teen dating violence disclosures. In this 90 minute workshop, adults learn to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships in teens, review their community and organizational policies to implement trauma informed procedures, and respond to disclosures of teen dating violence. Participants will practice these skills to help them become the trusted adults our teens deserve. 


For Jewish college students or any adult in the Jewish community.

JCADA's Facilitated Discussion Series expands on individuals' foundational knowledge about intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, and healthy relationships. This series allows college students and adults to discuss their personal viewpoints and learn from each other's thoughts and experiences. Topics include, but are not limited to, Healthy Relationships and...

  • Healthy Masculinity

  • LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Jewish Values

  • Jewish Text

  • Mental Health

  • College

  • Social Media

  • Social Justice

  • Collective Community

  • and more


JCADA can provide education on a variety of topics including IPV 101, introduction to teen dating violence, spiritual abuse, IPV in the Jewish community, technological abuse, behavior continuum, boundaries and consent, and more.

Custom programs can be created for colleges, synagogue groups, or other groups in the Jewish community. Please fill out the form below to schedule a custom program! 


Complete the brief inquiry form below to bring a JCADA adult education program to your community!

People During Workshop
Family Quality Time


JCADA's Parent's Program is an interactive workshop specifically for parents of teens. In this 90-minute workshop, parents will be taught how to proactively speak with teens about boundaries and consent, how to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships and healthy ways to respond to disclosures of teen dating violence.

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